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Look here for results from a number of different events that Kreppert Kompusport Software personnel have been involved in.

These results are posted on this website free of charge to the event organizers and are posted here merely as a convenience to the participants of that event, and to others who might be interested in the event.  When possible we try to post results during an event.  This is accomplished by using a wireless cell phone type connection to the Internet.  This even allows us to post results of Road Races and Cross Country meets from the middle of parks and forest preserves where conventional phone lines or other means of accessing the Internet are not available.  Due to the fact that we may have several crews of people working at different locations, it may not be possible to post results from all of them at once.  Some results may get posted later than other results.  Only one person has access to modify the website and the results of each crew needs to get to that one person.  Results are always posted as quickly as possible however.

Prime Directive

To take a term from Star Trek, the 'Prime Directive' of Kreppert Kompusport Software regarding results in which Kreppert Kompusport Software is involved, is to not give out results to anyone for whom they do not belong.

We consider results to belong to the host school/club/organization who hires us to provide results for an event, and to the schools, clubs and organizations who participate in that event.  If that host school, club or organization also has a governing body, (ie., conference, IHSA, NCAA, etc.) the results also rightfully belong to them as well.   At any given event, we provide copies of the results to the host school/club/organization and it is their responsibility to distribute copies to others, including participating athletes, schools, clubs, organizations, visiting coaches, scouts, college and professional recruiters and the press.

In order for Kreppert Kompusport Software to provide results to anyone other than to whom they belong, authorization is needed from the host school, club or organization of the event.  Since anyone in the world has access to the results on this website, the results that are provided here have been approved by the host of the event.

Copying the Results

The contents of this website are copyrighted by Kreppert Kompusport Software and protected by copyright law and international treaties.  No material on this website may be copied or reproduced, except for personal use only, without express permission from Kreppert Kompusport Software.

If a coach wishes to reproduce in written form any of the results listed here for their athletes, permission is hereby granted to do so as long as no fee is charged, and the copyright notice at the bottom of the page is kept intact.

If a newspaper or magazine wishes to use portions of these results in a written article, permission is also hereby granted to do so as long as individual performances are included in the article and that no results are listed in a table, chart, diagram or figure.

If a school, club, organization, newspaper or magazine wishes to use any of the results from this website in any other way, (ie. posting on their own website, photocopying to parents or others for sale, or publishing in any other mass production) permission from Kreppert Kompusport Software is needed first.  Once the proper permission has been granted, you must either include the copyright notice at the bottom of the page, or include a reference or link to this website as the source of the information.

If you obtain the results from the host school, club or organization for which these results belong, they have full authorization to allow you to reproduce them in any way they see fit.  If you take the results from this website however, the above restrictions still apply, even if authorization was provided by the host school, club or organization.



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