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Welcome to the Kreppert Kompusport Software Website. Please take your time looking around. Let us know what you think by visiting our Feedback page.

In 2001 Kreppert Kompusport Software purchased a GPS to better locate meets and track mileage from it's tracking data.  We still use the same one today.  Since then we have put together a vast database of geographical points where the meets are located that we work at.  As more and more parents, coaches and fans are using GPS's to direct them to a meet, beginning in 2009 we will post GPS coordinates pointing to the location of most of the meets we post results for.  As we add new customers and go to places we have never been before, we may not have coordinates for all meets, but we will post those that we do have.  You can find these coordinates on the home (schedule) page of a meet by clicking the link(s) below.  Simply create a custom waypoint on your GPS using the coordinates and then have it route you to that waypoint.  The coordinates will typically point you to the parking lot, but notes on the page will tell you if it is otherwise.

For those of you asking about chip timing for cross country meets and road races, yes, we do have that service available beginning the fall of 2009.  We will be posting detailed information about it shortly.  In brief, the system we have uses a chip on the back of bib numbers.  There are many advantages of this system over the ones on the shoe or ankle.  A few of the advantages, but certainly not limited to these, include the torso determines the order of finish (just as it should, not the foot), fewer liability issues, the backup system is much better, less chips are needed (1 per athlete), virtually impossible to cheat, which also means less work and time spent at the starting line, much easier to distribute and collect the chips, and we offer both disposable chips (ones you do not need to collect back again) as well as reusable chips (ones you are required to collect back again).

Kreppert Kompusport Software provides software and hardware to make the job of running athletic events easier, and therefore more fun.  Our software uses some of the latest technology to accomplish this.  Technology such as Voice Commands, Touchscreens and Bar Code Scanning.  Timing different events can be accomplished through hand held devices or by computerized fully automatic timing (FAT) systems.  Visit our Products pages for more information about our products.

We do offer standard and custom hip numbers, and custom Cross Country tags.  All hip numbers used at the 1998 & 2004 USATF National Jr. Olympics Cross Country Championships and the Youth National Indoor Track & Field Invitational were provided by us.  The Cross Country tags are writeable, yet indestructible white 4" x 1" tags with holes at both ends, one for a safety pin, one for the stringer at the finish.  They are presently being used at all Cross Country meets we work where bib numbers are not used.  For more information, either E-mail us or look at the New in 1999.

Kreppert Kompusport Software also provides several services for athletics as well.  The sports currently covered are Cross Country, Basketball, Track & Field and Road Racing.  For more information about our services, please visit our Services page.

Our results page contains results for many of the events in which Kreppert Kompusport Software has been involved in.  We presently have the largest collection of Cross Country meets for the state of Illinois.  Check it out!  Unless otherwise noted, these are full results, not shortened versions.

Our Mission

To be the leader of quality timing, scoring, stats and results for athletics through computer software, hardware and services.



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