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Reg. 7 T&F JO
USATF IL JO State Reg. 7 T&F JO

USA Flag
Sept. 11, 2001

And our flag was still there, o'er the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave.
God Bless America!



Results are posted here from the USATF Jr. Olympics Region VII Meet held Saturday, July 11 thru Sunday, July 12, 1998.

Use one of the tables below to find the event you want, or go to the age division to find each event.

Order of Multi Events

Friday, July 10  --  9:00 am   Start

          Heptathlon     Pentathlon     Decathlon  Triathlon
             IG/YW     YG/YB     MG/MB    IB/YM      BG/BB

 9:00 am     100H
 9:30 am               100H
10:00 am      HJ                  80H
10:30 am                SP                 100
11:00 am                          SP
11:30 am                HJ                 LJ
12:00 pm      SP
12:30 pm                          HJ       SP
 1:00 pm     200        LJ
 1:30 pm                                   HJ
 2:00 pm              800/1500    LJ                  SP
 2:30 pm
 3:00 pm                        800/1500              HJ
 3:30 pm                                   400
 4:00 pm                                            200/400 

Saturday, July 11  --  9:00 am   Start

          Heptathlon  Decathlon
             IG/YW      IB/YM

 9:00 am                110H
 9:30 am
10:00 am      LJ         DT
10:30 am
11:00 am      JT         PV
11:30 am
12:00 pm      800
12:30 pm
 1:00 pm                 JT
 1:30 pm
 2:00 pm                 1500 


Order of Running Events

Note:  Except where otherwise noted, the starting order shall be Younger to Older, girls first.  The next event will immediately follow the previous one.

Note:  * Finals will be run in Prelim times slots if eight (8) or fewer athletes report to the clerk.

Saturday, July 11  --  6:00 pm   Start

6:00 pm	110/100/80H   P*  IB, YM, YB, IG, YW, YG, MG, MB
        4x800         F   MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB, YW, YM
        80/100/110H   F   MG, MB, YG, IG, YW, YB, IB, YM
        1500/3000RW   F   PG, PB, BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB, YW, YM
        4x100         F   PG, PB, BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB, YW, YM  

Sunday, July 12 -- 7:00 am   Start

7:00 am 5000          F   YM
        3000          F   MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB, YW
8:30 am 100           P*  PG, PB, BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB, YW, YM
        800           F   PG, PB, BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB, YW, YM
        100           F   PG, PB, BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB, YW, YM
        25/50/75      X   Atoms & Shripms (Exhibition only)
        200/400H      F   YG, YB, IG, YW, IB, YM
        400           F   PG, PB, BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB, YW, YM
        1500          F   PG, PB, BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB, YW, YM
        200           F   PG, PB, BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB, YW, YM
        Steeplechase  F   IB, YM
        4x400         F   PG, PB, BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, IB, YW, YM  

Order of Field Events

Saturday, July 11  --  5:30 pm   Start

5:30 pm  JT   YG, IG, YW, YB, IB, YM
5:30 pm  TJ   YB, IB, YM, YG, IG, YW  

Sunday, July 12 -- 9:00 am   Start

9:00 am     LJ (Pit 1)  PB, BB, MB, YB, IB, YM
9:00 am     LJ (Pit 2)  PG, BG, MG, YG, IG, YW
9:00 am     DT          MG, YG, IG, YW  --  MB, YB, IB, YM
9:00 am     SP          MB, YB, IB, YM  --  MG, YG, IG, YW
9:00 am     HJ          BG, BB, MG, MB, YG, YB, IG, YW, IB, YM
12:00 noon  PV          YG, IG, YW  --  YB, IB, YM  

Event - Age Division Order

100 Meter Dash

bulletPG 100 Meter Dash
bulletPB 100 Meter Dash
bulletBG 100 Meter Dash
bulletBB 100 Meter Dash
bulletMG 100 Meter Dash
bulletMB 100 Meter Dash
bulletYG 100 Meter Dash
bulletYB 100 Meter Dash
bulletIG 100 Meter Dash
bulletIB 100 Meter Dash
bulletYW 100 Meter Dash
bulletYM 100 Meter Dash

200 Meter Dash

bulletPG 200 Meter Dash
bulletPB 200 Meter Dash
bulletBG 200 Meter Dash
bulletBB 200 Meter Dash
bulletMG 200 Meter Dash
bulletMB 200 Meter Dash
bulletYG 200 Meter Dash
bulletYB 200 Meter Dash
bulletIG 200 Meter Dash
bulletIB 200 Meter Dash
bulletYW 200 Meter Dash
bulletYM 200 Meter Dash

400 Meter Dash

bulletPG 400 Meter Dash
bulletPB 400 Meter Dash
bulletBG 400 Meter Dash
bulletBB 400 Meter Dash
bulletMG 400 Meter Dash
bulletMB 400 Meter Dash
bulletYG 400 Meter Dash
bulletYB 400 Meter Dash
bulletIG 400 Meter Dash
bulletIB 400 Meter Dash
bulletYW 400 Meter Dash
bulletYM 400 Meter Dash

800 Meter Run

bulletPG 800 Meter Run
bulletPB 800 Meter Run
bulletBG 800 Meter Run
bulletBB 800 Meter Run
bulletMG 800 Meter Run
bulletMB 800 Meter Run
bulletYG 800 Meter Run
bulletYB 800 Meter Run
bulletIG 800 Meter Run
bulletIB 800 Meter Run
bulletYW 800 Meter Run
bulletYM 800 Meter Run

1,500 Meter Run

bulletPG 1500 Meter Run
bulletPB 1500 Meter Run
bulletBG 1500 Meter Run
bulletBB 1500 Meter Run
bulletMG 1500 Meter Run
bulletMB 1500 Meter Run
bulletYG 1500 Meter Run
bulletYB 1500 Meter Run
bulletIG 1500 Meter Run
bulletIB 1500 Meter Run
bulletYW 1500 Meter Run
bulletYM 1500 Meter Run

3,000 Meter Run

bulletMG 3000 Meter Run
bulletMB 3000 Meter Run
bulletYG 3000 Meter Run
bulletYB 3000 Meter Run
bulletIG 3000 Meter Run
bulletIB 3000 Meter Run
bulletYW 300 Meter Run

5,000 Meter Run

bulletYM 5000 Meter Run

1,500 Meter Race Walk

bulletPG 1500 Meter Race Walk
bulletPB 1500 Meter Race Walk
bulletBG 1500 Meter Race Walk
bulletBB 1500 Meter Race Walk
bulletMG 1500 Meter Race Walk
bulletMB 1500 Meter Race Walk

3,000 Meter Race Walk

bulletYG 3000 Meter Race Walk
bulletYB 3000 Meter Race Walk
bulletIG 3000 Meter Race Walk
bulletIB 3000 Meter Race Walk
bulletYW 3000 Meter Race Walk
bulletYM 3000 Meter Race Walk

80 Meter Hurdles

bulletMG 80 Meter Hurdles (30")
bulletMB 80 Meter Hurdles (30")

100 Meter Hurdles

bulletYG 100 Meter Hurdles (30")
bulletYB 100 Meter Hurdles (33")
bulletIG 100 Meter Hurdles (33")
bulletYW 100 Meter Hurdles (33")

110 Meter Hurdles

bulletIB 110 Meter Hurdles (39")
bulletYM 110 Meter Hurdles (39)"

200 Meter Hurdles

bulletYG 200 Meter Hurdles (30")
bulletYB 200 Meter Hurdles (30")

400 Meter Hurdles

bulletIG 400 Meter Hurdles (30")
bulletIB 400 Meter Hurdles (36")
bulletYW 400 Meter Hurdles (30")
bulletYM 400 Meter Hurdles (36")

2,000 Meter Steeplechase

bulletIB 2000 Meter Steeplechase
bulletYM 2000 Meter Steeplechase

4x100 Meter Relay

bulletPG 4x100 Meter Relay
bulletPB 4x100 Meter Relay
bulletBG 4x100 Meter Relay
bulletBB 4x100 Meter Relay
bulletMG 4x100 Meter Relay
bulletMB 4x100 Meter Relay
bulletYG 4x100 Meter Relay
bulletYB 4x100 Meter Relay
bulletIG 4x100 Meter Relay
bulletIB 4x100 Meter Relay
bulletYW 4x100 Meter Relay
bulletYM 4x100 Meter Relay

4x400 Meter Relay

bulletPG 4x400 Meter Relay
bulletPB 4x400 Meter Relay
bulletBG 4x400 Meter Relay
bulletBB 4x400 Meter Relay
bulletMG 4x400 Meter Relay
bulletMB 4x400 Meter Relay
bulletYG 4x400 Meter Relay
bulletYB 4x400 Meter Relay
bulletIG 4x400 Meter Relay
bulletIB 4x400 Meter Relay
bulletYW 4x400 Meter Relay
bulletYM 4x400 Meter Relay

4x800 Meter Relay

bulletMG 4x800 Meter Relay
bulletMB 4x800 Meter Relay
bulletYG 4x800 Meter Relay
bulletYB 4x800 Meter Relay
bulletIG 4x800 Meter Relay
bulletIB 4x800 Meter Relay
bulletYW 4x800 Meter Relay
bulletYM 4x800 Meter Relay

High Jump

bulletBG High Jump
bulletBB High Jump
bulletMG High Jump
bulletMB High Jump
bulletYG High Jump
bulletYB High Jump
bulletIG High Jump
bulletIB High Jump
bulletYW High Jump
bulletYM High Jump

Pole Vault

bulletYG Pole Vault
bulletYB Pole Vault
bulletIG Pole Vault
bulletIB Pole Vault
bulletYW Pole Vault
bulletYM Pole Vault

Long Jump

bulletPG Long Jump
bulletPB Long Jump
bulletBG Long Jump
bulletBB Long Jump
bulletMG Long Jump
bulletMB Long Jump
bulletYG Long Jump
bulletYB Long Jump
bulletIG Long Jump
bulletIB Long Jump
bulletYW Long Jump
bulletYM Long Jump

Triple Jump

bulletYG Triple Jump
bulletYB Triple Jump
bulletIG Triple Jump
bulletIB Triple Jump
bulletYW Triple Jump
bulletYM Triple Jump

Shot Put

bulletBG Shot Put (6lb)
bulletBB Shot Put (6lb)
bulletMG Shot Put (6lb)
bulletMB  Shot Put (6lb)
bulletYG Shot Put (6lb)
bulletYB  Shot Put (4kg)
bulletIG Shot Put (4kg)
bulletIB  Shot Put (12lb)
bulletYW Shot Put (4kg)
bulletYM  Shot Put (12lb)

Discus Throw

bulletMG Discus Throw (1.0kg)
bulletMB Discus Throw (1.0kg)
bulletYG Discus Throw (1.0kg)
bulletYB Discus Throw (1.0kg)
bulletIG Discus Throw (1.0kg)
bulletIB Discus Throw (1.6kg)
bulletYW Discus Throw (1.0kg)
bulletYM Discus Throw (1.6kg)

Javelin Throw

bulletYG Javelin Throw (600gr)
bulletYB Javelin Throw (600gr)
bulletIG Javelin Throw (600gr)
bulletIB Javelin Throw (800gr)
bulletYW Javelin Throw (600gr)
bulletYM Javelin Throw (800gr)

Multi Events

bulletBG Triathlon
bulletBB Triathlon
bulletMG Pentathlon
bulletMB Pentathlon
bulletYG Pentathlon
bulletYB Pentathlon
bulletIG Heptathlon
bulletIB Decathlon
bulletYW Heptathlon
bulletYM Decathlon



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