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Niles West
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Sept. 11, 2001

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Boys Fr - White
Boys Fr - Red
Girls Fr/So - White
Girls Fr/So - Red
Boys Varsity - White
Boys Varsity - Red
Girls Varsity - White
Girls Varsity - Red
Boys So - White
Boys So - Red
Girls JV - White
Girls JV - Red

Results are posted here for the 29th Annual Patrick J. Savage Invitational hosted by Niles West High School.  The meet was held on a rather cool and sometimes damp and rainy Saturday, October 2, 1999 at Niles West H.S. in Skokie, Illinois.


View the results from 1998.


You will note that some races contain athletes listed as 'Unknown Athlete'.  This is because a roster for those schools was not received prior to the meet.  In order to allow those teams to score in the meet, these dummy athletes were entered ahead of time.  In many cases, we are able to change the dummy names for real names before processing the results.  Unfortunately, there were simply too many such teams like that at this meet to pull that off.  Part or all of 20+ schools to be more accurate.   Due to this large number, we were unable to change any of these names at the meet.

We can not emphasize enough that coaches should send their rosters to any meet they are attending at least a week prior to the meet, whether we score it or not.  Changes to the roster are almost always allowed on the day of the meet, and are always easier to deal with than an entire roster.  If Kreppert Kompusport Software is involved in the meet, e-mail is the best method of sending your roster.  Please see E-Mailing Eligibility Lists for details on how to do this.

In an effort to provide as complete and accurate a results as possible, we will try to substitute as many Unknown Athletes into real names as possible.  We have now completed this process.  There are now only a couple of schools remaining who either did not provide us with their names or, gave us only their names and not the ID numbers they gave to those athletes.

Order of Events

     Race Title       Sex   Distance    Start Time

Boys Fr (White)        M     2 miles      9:30 am
Boys Fr (Red)          M     2 miles      9:30 am
Girls Fr/So (White)    F     2 miles      9:55 am
Girls Fr/So (Red)      F     2 miles      9:55 am
Boys Varsity (White)   M     3 miles     10:20 am
Boys Varsity (Red)     M     3 miles     10:20 am
Girls Varsity (White)  F    2.5 miles    10:50 am
Girls Varsity (Red)    F    2.5 miles    10:50 am
Boys So (White)        M     2 miles     11:15 am
Boys So (Red)          M     2 miles     11:15 am
Girls JV (White)       F     2 miles     11:40 am
Girls JV (Red)         F     2 miles     11:40 am

Course Records

Boys Fr:       No records currently kept.
Girls Fr/So:   No records currently kept.
Boys Varsity:  14:19 by Steve Rosenbloom of Niles West H.S. on Oct. 3, 1981
Girls Varsity: new.gif (272 bytes) 14:15.2 by Katie Hartman of Woodstock H.S. on Oct. 2, 1999
Boys So:       No records currently kept.
Girls JV:      No records currently kept.



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