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Results are posted here for the 2020 Benet Boys Cross Country Meet hosted by Benet Academy High School.  The meet was held on Saturday, September 19, 2020 at Benet Academy High School in Lisle, Illinois.

Results for this meet will be posted throughout the meet as time allows. Use your smart phone or tablet to view the results at the meet or on your way home.

To assist in locating this meet, set your GPS to:  N41° 47.030' W88° 5.573'  or the equivalent N41° 47' 01.8" W88° 05' 34.4"
Parking is free of charge at this facility in the designated parking lot. Please see course map for details.

COVID-19 Restrictions

Spectators will only be allowed in designated areas with no more than 50 in each area. They must maintain social distancing, and must be wearing a mask. Benet Academy is asking a limit of 2 spectators per family. Once spectators are done cheering, you are asked to please leave the campus to allow others to enter.

Areas to watch from:
          South East Soccor Field
          West - in front and on the side of the gymnasium
          North - any of the fields in the back of the school

No spectators will be allowed by the start or finish line, including along the parking lot of the starting area and down the long drive for the finish. Please see the orange areas on page 1 of the course map below for a better definition of areas where spectators are allowed.

Races will be limited as to how many overall athletes will be allowed in each race so as to keep each race small in size.

Prior to arriving at the meet, all athletes will have gone through a temperature and symptom check. We ask that everyone please be respectfull of others and wear a mask at all times at the meet (unless an athlete is warming up or participating in a race). The teams and officials are staying as safe as they can, so if any fans, media, spectators, parents, siblings of athletes, etc. have any symptoms of COVID-19, or if you are not feeling well in any way, please do your part and stay home and view the results online.


Our new Kompusport Cross Country QR Labels are being used at this meet.

Order of Events

     Race Title       Sex   Distance    Start Time    Scoring Method

Boys Varsity           M   2.97 miles     9:00 am      Displacement
Boys JV                M   2.97 miles     9:35 am      Displacement
Boys Fr/So             M   2.97 miles    10:10 am      Displacement
Boys Open              M   2.97 miles    10:45 am      None
Boys Open2*            M   2.97 miles    11:20 am      None
Boys Open3*            M   2.97 miles    11:55 am      None

* The Boys Open2 and Open3 races will only be run if the number of athletes on the teams requires these additional races.

Course Maps

To view and/or print the maps, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your system.  If you don't have it, you can download it for free Get Adobe Acrobat Reader for FREE

Benet Academy course map (1208KB)

Participating Teams

School Boys Girls
Benet Academy Yes ----
Marist Yes ----
Marmion Academy Yes ----
Nazareth Academy Yes ----
Notre Dame Yes ----



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